Super Soil Starter Kit

Super Soil Starter Kit

Start your organic gardening journey with our Super Soil Starter Kit. With 2 Jr Bags of Oregon Super Soil and 14gs of Root Enhancer, it’s the complete solution for your plants’ needs. Perfect for filling a 3-gallon pot, with free shipping in the continental US. Step up your gardening game today!


Super Soil Starter Kit

Unleash the true potential of your plants with our Super Soil Starter Kit, the perfect blend of convenience and superior quality. This kit comes with 2 Jr Bags of Oregon Super Soil and 14gs of Oregon Super Soil Root Enhancer – everything you need to kickstart your gardening journey. Transform your green space into a thriving oasis, regardless of your level of gardening experience.

A Revolutionary Organic Solution

The power of our soil lies in its ingredients. Oregon Super Soil harnesses the benefits of aged douglas fir bark fines, fish bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, and beneficial bacteria. This all-in-one organic blend nourishes your plants throughout their life cycle, eliminating the need for additional fertilizers or nutrients.

Enhanced Root Growth with Oregon Super Soil Root Enhancer

Our Root Enhancer, a crucial part of this soil kit, is designed to stimulate robust root development in your plants. Healthier roots lead to more efficient nutrient uptake, promoting vigorous growth and productivity. Just add it to your regular watering routine – it’s that simple!

Everything You Need in One Kit

This soil kit is meticulously designed to fill a 3-gallon pot and more, proving to be the perfect choice for both beginners and gardening enthusiasts. With free shipping in the continental US, starting or expanding your green haven has never been easier.

Experience the Superior Quality of Oregon Super Soil

Why settle for less when you can experience the best? The Super Soil Starter Kit is your gateway to healthier, more productive plants. Let Oregon Super Soil be the secret ingredient to your flourishing garden.

Why Choose the Super Soil Starter Kit?

It’s simple – our starter kiy offers the highest quality ingredients, the convenience of an all-in-one package, and the promise of exceptional plant growth. There’s no better way to ensure the vitality of your plants.

Order Your Super Soil Starter Kit Today!

Don’t miss this chance to redefine your gardening experience. Order your kit now and watch as your garden transforms before your eyes. Click here to start your journey towards a thriving green space today!


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