Super Soil Starter Kit

Oregon Super Soil Starter Kit

Elevate your gardening experience with the Oregon Super Soil Starter Kit! This comprehensive solution caters to both novice and experienced gardeners. It also presents outstanding value. Our kit combines the unmatched quality of our organic super soil mix with the potent effectiveness of our Root Enhancer. Therefore, you’re getting an unbeatable package.

Super Soil

Our Super Soil comes with a meticulously crafted mix. We develop it adhering to sustainable farming principles, ensuring optimal water retention and a wide array of nutrients. As a result, your plants can flourish. They enjoy the benefits of essential ingredients such as Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, and Biochar ash. Moreover, with Limestone added for PH control, this super soil creates an ideal environment for a diverse range of plants.

Root Enhancer

The Root Enhancer, available in 7g, 14g, and 28g packs, serves as a significant upgrade to your gardening toolkit. It contains beneficial fungi species such as G.mosseae and G.etunicatum. Consequently, your plants get a boost in their capacity to absorb nutrients and water. This leads to improved drought resistance and overall plant health.

Great Value

The Starter Kit provides a cost-effective introduction to organic and sustainable gardening. By choosing our kit, you’re securing premium products that promote healthier plants and improved yield. Additionally, you’re contributing to a greener environment.

Start Your Gardening Journey with Us!

Are you eager to see the difference? Choose the Oregon Super Soil Starter Kit today and embark on your journey towards a thriving garden! Visit our store or look out for our online sales launching soon.