Unlock your garden’s full potential with Oregon Super Soil. Our premium organic mix is designed to provide all the nutrients and water retention properties your plants need to thrive. Say goodbye to expensive fertilizers and harmful chemicals, and hello to a sustainable gardening choice that promotes healthy soil for years to come. Experience stronger, healthier plants with Oregon Super Soil.

Wouldn’t you want a soil to achieve the best results with live organic materials?

Super Soil is so effective because it takes into consideration a full spectrum of plant nutrients. Each ingredient in the recipe provides one or more essential plant nutrients to your growing medium, making it an ideal mixture for plants.

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We are based in Arizona.

Oregon Super Soil – Nutrient Rich Live and Organic

oregon super soil - best soil for gardeningWant your organic grows to be the best? Our live soil is the best soil for organic growing of your indoor and outdoor plants. Over the years, the best soil for medicinal plants was developed by the Growers of Southern Oregon. They were able to formulate a unique blend of super soil as the best soil for indoor and outdoor use.

Our enriched nutrients make Oregon Super Soil THE CHOICE for organic growing. You don’t have to add anything, like many others require, so for the beginner and advanced grower it provides a fool-proof grow!

JUST ADD WATER, period. 

If you are going to use additives, that’s okay, just make sure you know what you are doing. Consult with professionals where possible.

Why make things more complicated when Nature provides a perfect solution?


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Oregon Super Soil 1.5 cubic foot bag product photoBest Soil for Growing  Plants

It’s called the Oregon Super Soil because of the natural live organic richness of nutrients and depth of color that signifies the quality and growth-enhancing ability for the commercial as well as individual grower today. There’s no need to add anything for the growth cycle. Oregon Super Soil testimonials are proof.

Most soils sold on the market today have to be enriched with various additives to ensure healthy growth of your precious plants. This requires much more attention and effort to ensure your plants survive, let alone thrive. Live organic Oregon Super Soil needs no additives.


Indoor & Outdoor

Today the ability for the individual consumer to grow their own food supply opens a whole world of opportunity for healthier living. 

Oregon Super Soil starts you out right. Most individual growers don’t know a whole lot about the process beyond planting seeds, watering and watching their plants grow to maturity.

Many attempt to make the process much more complicated with soil additives to assist the process. Why?

The natural growth of your precious plants is most important, right? Purely organic materials are essential. That is our specialty – keeping it simply superior to other such less natural activities or additives.

The discerning grower wants to keep things healthy and natural, without giving up quality and quantity.

Oregon Super Soil, LLC was founded in 2021, but our growers have been developing, growing, and perfecting the process for generations and we are committed to providing quality products.

Located in Arizona, Oregon Super Soil, LLC is a local company committed to quality organic soil for happy and healthy organic plants. With our soil, there’s no need to add anything else, Just Add Water!!

How easy is that? JUST ADD WATER!

Ingredients: Aged Douglas Fir Bark Fines, Blend of Plant Compost, Pumice, Perlite, Sand, Peat Moss, Cow and Chicken Manure Compost, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Compost, Fish Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Biochar ash, and Limestone for PH Control.

Mycorrhizae: G.mosseae, Glomus intraradices, G. aggregatum, & G.etunicatum.

Supports Soil Life

Soil should be alive. Over the years, growers have formulated a unique blend of soil with the right ingredients to ensure your plants get off to a great start of supporting lush happy plants.

Donald Lynch, Founding Member


If you are interested in carrying Oregon Super Soil, we’re certainly seeking those of like mind and organically driven to do good.

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