Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil (2 yd+)

Unleash your farm’s full potential with the 2-yard Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil. This all-in-one solution, packed with organic nutrients and beneficial mycorrhizae, is the perfect addition to your ‘Super Soil Kit’. Invest in healthier, more productive crops today!


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Experience the Unrivaled Potential: Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil for Large-scale Farming Operations

Unleash the true potential of your extensive farming or growing venture with the extraordinary Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil. Not just a bag of soil, this product is a game-changer. The Super Sack delivers both volume and value with a hefty 2-yard capacity, becoming a force multiplier for any serious grower.

Oregon Super Soil: Offering More Than You Expect

Our soil outshines typical garden soil. Oregon Super Soil is a thoughtfully formulated, all-in-one organic soil blend. This blend aims to provide all the nutrients your plants need, offering a balanced meal for your plants. Choosing Oregon Super Soil means choosing an easy, all-in-one growing solution.

The Exceptional Ingredients for Unbeatable Plant Growth

What makes our soil stand apart is the extraordinary selection of organic ingredients. Each sack contains a mix of Aged Douglas Fir Bark Fines, Plant Compost, Pumice, Perlite, Sand, Peat Moss, Cow and Chicken Manure Compost, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Compost, Fish Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Biochar ash, and Limestone for PH Control. These ingredients create a nutrient-rich environment for plant growth.

Beyond that, each sack contains a unique blend of Mycchorizae, including G.mosseae, Glomus intrradices, G.aggregatum & G.etunicatum. These beneficial fungi partner with plant roots, boosting nutrient uptake and facilitating plant growth.

The Super Sack: A Step Towards Sustainable Super Soil Gardening

When you choose Oregon Super Soil, you’re not just making a purchase. You’re investing in sustainable farming, committing to the health of your plants, and improving productivity and profitability. That’s the essence of Super Soil farming: prioritizing long-term sustainability over short-term gains.

Boost Your Operation with a Super Sack

No matter the scale of your operation, the Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil is an unparalleled choice. It enhances soil health, increases crop yield, and delivers on every front. With our user-friendly storage and application methods, incorporating the Super Soil into your operations is hassle-free. For growers serious about their craft, the Super Sack of Oregon Super Soil is the obvious choice. Don’t delay. Reap the benefits of the Oregon Super and transform your growing operations today!



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