Living Soil: Unveiling The Secret To An Exuberant Garden

Living soil, a term you’ve probably heard tossed around in horticultural circles, may sound like a fancy buzzword, but it encapsulates a world of benefits for your plants. But what is it, exactly, and why should you care? Join us as we dive into the magic beneath your feet and unveil the secret ingredient to an exuberant garden.

Understanding The Concept: What is Living Soil?

At the heart of every thriving garden, you’ll find living soil – the black gold that gardeners and growers covet. But it’s more than just dirt. In its true essence, living soil is an active ecosystem teeming with countless microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other microbial life forms that contribute to overall plant health.

These microorganisms work symbiotically with plant roots to break down organic matter into nutrients that plants can readily absorb. The result? Healthier, more robust plants, be it your kitchen herbs, ornamental flowers, or even your coveted cannabis plants.

“When we speak of living soil, we are talking about a self-sustaining ecosystem in a symbiotic relationship with the plants. It’s the epitome of ‘Mother Nature knows best’,” says Don at Oregon Super Soil.

Why Should You Switch To Living Soil?

Living soil is a win-win for both your plants and the environment. Here’s why.

1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake:

Living soil, like our Original Bag, is packed with nutrients and beneficial microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi. These tiny, unseen helpers form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, greatly enhancing their nutrient and water absorption capabilities.

2. Improved Soil Structure:

The activity of microbes and other organisms improves the soil structure, making it more porous. This facilitates root penetration and improves water retention, reducing the need for frequent watering and making your garden more drought-resilient.

3. Reduced Dependency On Fertilizers:

Living soil is a powerhouse of nutrients. By providing a constant supply of essential nutrients to the plants, it reduces the need for additional fertilizers, making your garden more sustainable and eco-friendly. For a garden treat that your plants will love, try our 10lb Garden Treat.

Oregon Super Soil: A Step Toward Sustainable Gardening

We believe in the power of living soil and are dedicated to providing our customers with premium organic, nutrient-packed products. We take immense pride in our range of products, from the original OSS to the specially formulated Root Enhancer, that are helping gardeners across the United States achieve their gardening goals while keeping their environmental impact low.

Our living soil products are not just nutrient-rich but also come loaded with beneficial microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi, which play a crucial role in plant health and growth. Whether you’re a small home gardener or a large-scale grower, our products can significantly enhance your gardening experience.

We are thrilled to offer our products in a variety of sizes to cater to different gardening needs. From our 4lb JR Bag, perfect for small planters or starter pots, to the Bulk Pallet for serious growers – there’s an Oregon Super Soil product for everyone.

For those looking to start their seedlings in the most nurturing environment, our 6 Seed Starter Kits are a great option. They contain just the right amount of our living soil to get your seeds off to a flying start.

How Can You Get Your Hands On Living Soil?

With all the benefits that living soil brings, it’s natural to wonder, “Where can I find high-quality living soil near me?” If you’re in Arizona, we’ve got you covered. You can find our products at various Arizona locations. And the best part? We are soon coming online! You’ll be able to order your favorite OSS products from the comfort of your home and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

A Key To Sustainable Gardening

As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, sustainable gardening practices are gaining popularity. Using our products is a big step in that direction.

When you choose living soil, you’re choosing a product that not only nourishes your plants but also contributes to the overall health of your garden ecosystem. It’s an investment in the health of your garden and the planet.

“This is more than just a growing medium. It’s a commitment to sustainable and responsible gardening,” says a Don from Oregon Super Soil.

Embrace the power of living soil and experience the difference it can make to your garden. Ready to take the leap? Explore our range of products and find the perfect fit for your gardening needs.


Living soil is revolutionizing the way we garden. With its ecosystem of beneficial microbes, it provides a more natural, sustainable, and effective way to nourish our plants. So the next time you think about what’s going into your garden, consider the many benefits. Your plants will thank you, and so will Mother Earth.

We’re committed to providing you with the best organic products on the market. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to level up your gardening game, we have a product to meet your needs. Check out our selection and get ready to experience the living soil difference. Happy gardening!

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